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Fernando de Noronha

About Fernando de Noronha


The archipelago has 21 islands, the largest one and only inhabited Fernando de Noronha, which has a marine national park that takes 85% of its territory. Federal laws control the displacement and charge daily fees for the stay of tourists between slightly more than two thousand inhabitants, to preserve the wildlife sanctuary where more than 250 species of fish. An example of the rigor is diving at the beach Watchtower: the activity requires a permit, determine the minutes and prohibits the use of sunscreen, not harm to the chemical and crystalline water creatures.

Fernando de Noronha is an island of oceanic type – while Ilhabela, Sao Paulo and Itaparica, Bahia, are coastal islands, scattered over the surface of the continental shelf, possibly related to the continent in the past. Oceanic islands are the summits of large seamounts. Noronha was born of a volcanic eruption, far from land. Anyone who spends days there still cherishes the feeling of being close to the sand and turtles, away from everything. Even the short stretch of asphalt is: 6.8 km.

Fernando de Noronha


But today Fernando de Noronha is an active tourist, historically their role was different. Between 1737 and 1942 worked in a prison island receiving most political prisoners. It made sense to keep a prison in that region, since the distance from the island to the mainland ensuring total isolation. Not coincidentally, the most famous record involving the chain is a convict who escaped from confinement Fernando de Noronha. Not just once but twice.

Fernando de Noronha


  • Air Ticket Natal / Noronha / Natal
  • 02 nights accomodation in a tourist lodge
  • Breakfast
  • Transfer In/Out Noronha
  • Lecture: Introduction to island
  • Assistance of local guide

Fernando de Noronha

Prices per person in Reais R$

Package Fernando de Noronha – Double or Triple Room

PeriodPriceExtra Night
01/02/2019 to 31/06/2019R$ 2.615,00R$ 425,00
20/12 to 28/02/2019R$ 2.429,00R$ 475,00

    • Shipping Fee Included


Fernando de Noronha

General Conditions

  • Rates Valid from 20/12/2018 to 28/02/2019 and from 01/03/2019 to 31/06/2019, excluding holidays;
  • Price per person in double or triple room;
  • Suitable Single add R$ 125,00 per night; Extra night Single room R$ 425,00;
  • Rates subject to change without notice;
  • Doesn’t include environmental preservation tax (TPA) 
  • Alteration or cancellation after issuing fines will be charged according to the Normative Embratur 161/85;
  • Ship via Recife R$ 475,00;

Fernando de Noronha

Information and Reservations

Videos from Fernando de Noronha


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