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Kite Surf

Kitesurfing Paradises in Brazil

With all the comfort and security, having access to the best lodgings and conditions for the practice of this sport in Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão.

Places Such As

  • Cumbuco;
  • Taíba;
  • Paracuru;
  • Jericoacoara;
  • Preá (Ceará);
  • Barra Grande;
  • Coqueiro;
  • Delta of the Parnaíba River;
  • Pedra do Sal (Piauí);
  • Lençois Maranhenses;
  • Caburé;
  • Atins (Maranhão);
  • and more… much more…


With total support and attendance along the whole coast with 4-wheel drive vehicles . Land Rover, Defender and Hilux..

The Kite-Surfing School

I destined for pupils with any skill level.. Learning is fast and dynamic with private, personalized, lessons adequate for your skill level. (Basic, Intensive, Intermediate and Advanced Courses)


With experience and qualifications, with or without certified IKO (International kiteboarding Organization) that will instruct and accompany you during all the lessons.

Kite Surf



Duration: 2 days, 6 hours of lessons being 1h and 30m of theoretical lessons to get to know the wind currents , equipment and security and 4h and 30m of practical lessons initiating with the control of the sail out of the water. The practice of piloting the sail in a neutral zone, taking off, and landing and body drag zone. The principal object of the first days lesson is for the pupil to dominate completely the sail in whatever situation, taking off, landing and engaging and disengaging on the trapeze.. Finally, on the second day the pupil learns to dominate the whole kit: the sail, the board, firstly out of the water then in the water. The final stage is to put into practice a “water start” with a directional mono board, standing and dislocation for a few meters.


Duration: 1 day, 5 hours of lessons, Basic Course with practical and theoretical lessons however given in 1 day.


Duration: 1 day, 3 hours of lessons. The intermediate course is the prolongation of the basic course. We have first to learn to pilot keeping the power force in the sail. This also offers the possibility to pass to 2 to 4 or 5 lines. This system (4 or 5 lines) offers more easiness and security for intermediate pupils. The most part of the intermediate course taught is the technique of calculating the wind. The objective of the intermediate courses is to pilot to calculate, effecting a change of direction with total control of the board and sail.. The instructions will depend on the progress of the pupil.


The advanced course is solely for pilots who can calculate and manage the wind currents easily and has total knowledge of the security rules. We instruct on how to use wake boards with straps and boots. You will learn different ways to change direction and learn incredible base maneuvers and all types of jumps. Pure fun and adrenalin!! 03 hours of lesson.

Price per person in Reais R$


Type of courseFare
BasicR$ 1.270,00
IntensiveR$ 1.170,00
IntermediateR$ 970,00
AdvancedR$ 850,00

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Kite Surf

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