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Wine & Food Tours in Italy

Wine & Food Tours in Italy (Ref # D&A – AIC)

Wine & Food Tours in Italy


It is often said that real understanding of a country’s culture comes from sampling the country’s food; this is particularly true for a country such as Italy, that elevated food to a “form of art”, a land that, more than having “a” cuisine has a multitude of different ones, each one rooted in the traditions, climate and produce of a region or, most often, of a small area.

Because the true hearth of Italy, more than the well-known cities of great historical and artistical relevance, are the thousands of small towns and villages spread throughout the country, each and every one with its history, culture, ancient churches and palaces, monuments, and, naturally, local produce, food, wines and culinary traditions.

This is why a thousand mouth-watering dishes await travellers visiting Italy,hundreds of gastronomy specialities, a host of truly tasty typical products, and a real wealth of excellent wines, thanks to an agricultural system that is careful about preserving the traditional flavours and nutritional values.

The following tours were born wishing to offer travellers the opportunity to experience the true Italy, visiting the country’s most interesting tourist destinations – such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples etc. – but also having the chance to discover some of the less-known but not less interesting destinations, all seen through the magnifyng glass of the local enogastronomic specialities.

In a nutshell: these tours’ purpose is that of putting together the best sightseeing with the best food and wines that Italy has to offer, for an unforgettable travel experience.

Slow Food, that since its founding had always stood for the pleasures of the table, for the importance of genuine, good-tasting food, was the natural choice of a partner in order to develop such a concept and make it real.

Thus the tours were born, merging Aic Travel Group Sa knowledge of our country with Slow Food Italy recommendations for quality food, wines and places to eat: wonderful sightseeings, masterpieces of art, rare, tasty food specialities – the Slow Food Presidia, truly excellent wines, the best “trattorie” – small, often family-run restaurants and eateries – that offer traditional dishes – the Slow Food Osterie d’Italia, cooking lessons, accomodation in charming hotels and all the necessary services.

Unique, top quality enogastronomical and cultural tours of Italy that simply cannot be compared with the usual, more generic similar tours available on the market, a brand-new Slow Food Italia offer, an exclusive for the worldwide market.

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