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Amieira Marina

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Amieira Marina

Nautialqueva– Nautical Services, Lda. is the exclusive promoter of the Amieira Marina, the first nautical project in the Great Lake, implemented in the scope of the POAAP and that integrates all the nautical services from rental, maintenance and parking of boats, to a bar with terrace and panoramic restaurant, nautical article shop and convenience store.

Main functions

  • Rental of houseboats;
  • Rental of vessels for a day (soon);
  • Rental of docking points for private vessels;
  • Service and maintenance of vessels;
  • Private parking for vessels (soon);
  • Quays for cruise vessels;
  • Reception and information;
  • Commerce of goods and “merchandising”;
  • Restaurants;
  • Training of recreational sailors (not available);

Amieira Marina

Amieira Marina Panoramic Restaurant

The Amieira Marina, company of nautical tourism and services in the Great Lake Alqueva, inaugurated on the 20th April its panoramic restaurant.

The new space, with capacity for 120 people, bets in the traditional Alentejo food, by hands of the chef Lusa Lopes, former restaurant Bolota Castanha of Jlia Vinegar.

Amieira Marina

The menu, mostly local gastronomy, begins with a couvert with several olive oils, followed by the starters like asparagus with eggs, fried mushrooms with olive oil and garlic, Iberian ham, smoked pork sausage, several preparations with vinegar among others. Dogfish soup, Alentejo tomato soup and Alentejo bread panada to prepare the stomach for the main course.

Fish Dishes: Baked Cod fish, grilled Salmon with aromatic herbs, baked Octopus with potatoes and fried Dogfish with mash potatoes and bread.

Meat Dishes: Stewed pork cheeks, grilled pork loin, pork with mashed asparagus, stew and lamb chops and duck with rice.

We also have salads and pastas and the “Kids Menu”, for children until the 12 years old. Conventual pastry is the queen of desserts, but the nouvelle restaurant promises to develop the dessert options with more items from the Alentejo recipes.

The wine chart exhibits preferential regional wines, especially “Ervideira” wines, a reference of quality, but without relinquishing other marks from Alentejo and of other regions to discover!

With an average price between the 15 and 20 euros, the new space serves lunches daily, between 12h and 15h and suppers only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and holiday eves, between 19h and 22h. Closed on Tuesdays. Group prices between 12,50€ and 25€ – contact us.

Getting to the Marina

Starting from vora or Beja follow the signs to Portel via IP2. Get off at the Portel exit and follow the signs to Alqueva/Moura, via N384 (do not enter the town of Portel,). Turn left at the sign for Amieira, via R255. At the roundabout follow the indication “acesso local” and Amieira Marina.


Docking Facilities

  • High Season- 16th April to 15th October
  • Low Season- 16th October to 15th April

The growing use of the Great Lake for private vessels and the increment predicted, made it necessary to create safe and easy to use docking facilities for tying up.The Marina has an access ramp for putting boats in the water, as well as specific equipment, (hydraulic trailer), for safely dislocating boats of up to 15000 kgs.

Amieira Marina

  • The above prices include the availability of water and energy;
  • The price for parking of vessels on land in a fenced in area: 70% of the above prices for class and season;
  • Putting the vessels in the water and removing them using the ramp:
    • Service done by the owner with his own means: Free;
    • With the use of the Amieira Marina tractor using the owners trailer: up to 6,0 m: 9,0 € more than de 6,0 m: 15,0 €;
    • With service done by Amieira Marina, tractor and trailer: up to 6,0 m: 13,0 € more than de 6,0 m: 19,0 €;

Other Services

  • Towing of vessels in the dam: 40,0 €/Hour Boat + 25,0 € / Hour Pilot Use of washing equipment with pressurized water: 15,0 € / Hour Service of aspiration of dirty water: 15,0 €;
  • Tabled prices include VAT at the legal rate;
  • Allowed Engine: 4 strokes;
  • Allowed Dimension: private boats until 7m of length;
  • Power of the Engine: without restrictions

These and other aspects can be found in the following legislation:

  • Decreto-Lei n. 21/02 de 31 de Janeiro;
  • Decreto-Lei n. 124/04 de 25 de Maio;
  • Decreto-Lei n. 269/03 de 28 de Outubro;
  • Decreto-Lei n. 329/95 de 9 de Dezembro;
  • Portaria n. 127/06 de 13 de Fevereiro;


Type of Boats

House BoatsCanoes and KayaksOther Vessels
Amieira MarinaAmieira MarinaAmieira Marina

House Boats

Thanks to the autonomy of these boats the users can navigate the Great Lake, in the authorised zones, docking easily and then visiting the nearby villages and other interesting areas either on foot or bicycle, benefiting of all the touristic potential of the region.

Besides the bedrooms, sanitary installations and common living spaces, the houseboats have spaces for sunning, fishing and outdoor barbeques. There is no reason for monotony for the users of our houseboats.

All the vessels are equipped with localization and safety equipment: Plotter, GPS and vertical sweeping sounds.


Gama EstivaleGama Grand ConfortGama Sedan
Nicols DuoNicols 1100Nicols 1010
Amieira MarinaAmieira MarinaAmieira Marina
Nicols QuattroNicols 1350Nicols 1170
Amieira MarinaAmieira MarinaAmieira Marina
Nicols 1310  
Amieira Marina  

House Boats Prices

Amieira Marina

O Grande Lago

The valorisation in terms of tourism of the “Lands of the Great Lake” is a strategy of the Tourism Region of vora and the national government. The characteristics of this dam, that includes the vales of the Guadiana and Degebe rivers and Alcarrache, Zebro e Lucefecit streams, offer real potential for tourist development, specially its proximity to the villages and towns of the Alentejo which could articulate their economic base to the tourist trade, rest and recreation of the large body of water of Alqueva and its margins.

The development of what is known as alternative tourism is a far reaching reality in the worldwide innovation of the industry, which is manifested by the appearance of, products, spaces, equipment and services, commercial mechanisms and tourism promoting models that negate the global tendency of massification and that is based on the discovery of new environments and structures that offer a warm but original welcome, involving a personalised contact with the local populations and their cultural patrimony.

Amieira Marina

Turismo em Portugal


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