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The answer lies in our proven ability to be people-focused and technology savvy. We have achieved that balance between personalized service and cutting-edge technology. We make planning a trip an efficient and friendly service When you make a reservation with US, but you are greeted anywhere by some of the most experienced, caring agents in the World.


The most important step in making sure your vacation is everything you have ever imagined is When you select Departures & Arrivals as your Travel Agent. At Departures & Arrivals, our goal is to provide you with the professional service that will help you get the best value for your money and that you enjoy a wonderful vacation! We plan each vacation with the same attention and detail as if we were planning it for ourselves. We have the most State-of-the-art technology, constantly up-to-dated.

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    Use our complete city guides to research and plan your trip. Familiarize yourself with your destinations neighborhoods, attractions, restaurants and shopping areas.

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    Our goal is to provide its clients with a cruise vacation package specifically tailored to their tastes, with extraordinary personal service and the lowest prices available.

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    Select a flight company is very important and sometimes is not an easy decision. To help you with your selection Departures & Arrivals has established alliances with many airlines in the World.

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