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The island of Anguilla combines mellow Caribbean life with exotic Mediterranean style. Everywhere you look, you see blue and white: Turquoise sea tickling white-sand beaches or blue sky framing stark white resorts. There are no casinos, cruise ships, or high-rises — the focus here is on lingering meals, silky sand, and star-lit strolls. You may pay a higher price to visit Anguilla than other tourist-trampled islands, but you’ll be rewarded with great food, over-the-top luxury and star-studded beaches.

Before You Go: Need-to-Know Info

  • Language: English
  • Flight time: 7 hours from NYC, 13.5 hours from LA, 7 hours from Chicago, 7.5 hours from Dallas
  • Getting around: Car (keep to the left!), taxis, ferry to St. Martin
  • Entry requirements: Passport (or photo ID with a birth certificate), return ticket
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC), US dollar

When to Go: Anguilla at Its Best

  • Best weather: Anguilla receives relatively little rainfall (hence its arid topography) and has a monthly mean temperature of 80 degrees all year long
  • Best prices: May to December
  • Festivals: Anguilla International Arts Festival and Competition occurs biannually during the third week in January; Moonsplash Annual Music Festival begins on the night of the full moon in March; Summer Festival rocks the first week of August with parades, pageants, boat racing, and calypso competitions
  • Anguillian holidays: May 1, May 16, May 27, June 14, Aug 4-5, Dec 19

Why to Go

  • The Celebrities are Doing It: If you’re looking for a glimpse of famous faces, or if you’d like to make like a superstar yourself, this is the place to be. Beyoncé, Uma Thurman, J. Lo, Queen Latifah and Jay-Z have all been sighted along the powder-white shores of Anguilla. (Don’t forget your movie-star shades!)
  • Luxury Spas: Anguilla is the place to indulge. (It is your vacation, after all.) The island is loaded with extravagant spas offering massages, polishes, wraps, masques, scrubs — even bathing rituals. Try a yoga session under the palm trees. Or, for real luxury, have a couples’ rub-down in a private “spa suite” overlooking sand and sea.

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